zondag 25 mei 2014

Timisoara, Romania

I participate in the International Biennial of Miniature Arts - Timișoara 2014, with my work 'Equality I' and 'Equality III' ; in the Faculty of Arts and Design of West University, Timisoara, Romania. June 2014.

"International Biennial of Miniature Arts - Timișoara 2014 – is an event that includes all genres of art (painting, graphics, sculpture, applied arts) in a multidisciplinary project of cultural education, which primarily aim is to open new perspectives and opportunities for interaction between young people.
Also it builds bridges between culture and education, facilitating youth access to culture.
The event promotes creativity, developing new forms of artistic expression and socialization intercommunity, helping to promote cultural diversity and changing mentality.
West University of Timisoara - Faculty of Arts and Design, Romania
Municipality of Timisoara Romania"

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